PLAT OF TINAS COMA (BURLINGTON HILL) – Burlington, WA (1998-1999)

Reference: City of Burlington Public Works, Marv Pulst: 360-755-9715

John Tuttle served as the lead designer on this 55-acre, 85-lot residential subdivision that included steep slopes, established wetlands, and multiple watershed drainage patterns. He was responsible for the coordination of topographic surveying and boundary mapping, management of civil engineering design, and preparation of land-use permits. His lead engineer role also included management of a multi-disciplinary team of consultants representing the planning, environmental, structural, geotechnical, and construction disciplines. The project’s development was highly scrutinized because its size, impact to the environment, and its landmark status to the local community. The project incorporated low-impact development (LID) measures into its stormwater plan before LID was seen as a viable long-term stormwater management technique. This project showcased our ability to manage large-scale projects with challenging site and environmental conditions.


Reference: Red Mountain Estates LLC, Jack Hovenier: 360 -319-4442

Services for this residential development included topographic and boundary mapping, site planning, engineering design, stormwater management, environmental permitting, and construction documentation to support segregation of a 26-acre parcel into 84 single-family residential lots. Existing storm, sanitary sewer, water, and numerous dry utilities from the neighboring parcels will be upgraded and extended to support the proposed development. This project utilized the latest techniques in low-impact development and integrated stormwater management practices. Project Budget: $1.6M.


Reference: City Ministries, Russ Jennings: 425 -691-8695



Our office had the responsibility of retrofitting previous site, roadway, and stormwater design for a 10-lot residential community. We were tasked with completing this work without affecting the critical path of active construction. Immediately after redesign efforts, we were asked to participate in a second project for the same client on the adjacent parcel. This project included feasibility assessments and concept-level design to support a new phase of residential development. Project challenges included tight design timelines, restrictive parameters of the existing drainage network, and the site’s challenging topography. The City of Kirkland was the permitting agency. We successfully completed project design and permitting to the satisfaction of City officials and received compliments on our overall efficiencies and quality of work.

CORDATA URBAN VILLAGE – Bellingham, WA (2011)

Reference: Tin Rock Development, Blair Murray: 360 -220-0404

This project proposes to develop 34.8 acres of property within the Cordata area of Bellingham by providing a mix of retail, commercial, single and multi-family residential, as well as open space, parks, and trails uses. Phased site improvements will include installing new roads, water, sanitary systems, and stormwater management facilities, and two trail networks in order to prepare the property for construction of over 350 units of development. Traffic impacts created by the development mandate off-site capacity and intersection improvements to the surrounding major collector roadway networks. Low-impact development standards were utilized throughout the stormwater site plan with the extensive, on-site wetland complex being used to detain and mitigate stormwater runoff flows from the project. The highest water quality standards were met prior to discharge to the wetlands, including bio-swales, bio-retention cells, and media filter catch basins. This project showcases our ability to effectively plan and design large-scale projects with incorporation of cost-effective engineering solutions.

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