Dave Mariano

Sr. Project and Construction Administration Manager

Mr. Mariano has 25 years of WSDOT experience -- 16 years in a project office designing P,S&E and delivering construction contracts from pavers to bridges to environmental mitigation and enhancements geographically from Port Angeles to the Columbia River, 4 years at the Olympic Region Plans office overseeing all regional P,S&E and the Ad and Award of all Region projects, and 5 years at the Headquarters Construction Office as State Documentation Engineer responsible for policies and procedures for documentation of all projects Statewide as well as Statewide stewardship responsibility for payment and materials documentation determining Federal Aid participation, and for policies on State and Federal Davis-Bacon Wage compliance as they affect construction contracting. Dave authored and managed certain sections for Division 1 of the WSDOT Standard Specifications and Chapters 1 of the WSDOT Construction Manual and was responsible for maintaining and implementing Chapter 10 of the WSDOT Construction Manual.

For the last 10 years, Dave has worked for consultant engineering firms providing these same design, P,S&E, Ad & Award, and Construction Contract Administration services for projects in Pierce, Grays Harbor, and Skagit Counties including civil public works agencies as well as providing training and leadership specifically to Skagit County Public Works personal in the design, P,S&E, and Construction Administration of its projects.


  • Over 35 years experience with design, P,S&E, and Ad & Award supported by a strong background in Construction Contract Administration and Construction Management in projects throughout Western Washington.


  • Grays Harbor Community College (1980)
  • Washington State University (1985)

Selected Project Experience

SR 20 Safe Access - Swinomish Indian Tribe - Anacortes, WA (2013 - Current) - $2.2M

  • Managing all civil design, environmental permitting, and P,S&E development necessary for new eastbound on- and off-ramps to State Route (SR) 20 and their connections to local connectors providing access to the Swinomish Community’s North Economic Zone and to a large business and industrial park on the eastern limits of Anacortes.
  • Managing all civil design and environmental documentation necessary to define 30%-design level for Type, Size, and Location (T,S&L) of key facilities for westbound on- and off-ramps to SR 20 and their connections to a new roundabout on the north side of SR 20 providing expanded access to the Swinomish Community’s North Economic Zone.

Newell Street Reconstruction - City of Westport - Westport, WA (2014) - $300,000

  • Provided assistance with grants, completed design, environmental documentation, P,S&E, Ad & Award, and ultimately Construction Contract Administration for a project reconstructing approximately 2,000 feet of Newell Street.
  • The project provided for an innovative example of a TIB project using full-depth recycling, cement treated soils, HMA overlay, pavement delineations and permanent signing.

Westhaven Drive Reconstruction - City of Westport - Westport, WA (2013) - $1.2M

  • Provided grantsmanship, preliminary and final design, permitting, public outreach, P,S&E, Ad and Award services, as well as Construction Contract Administration and Management.
  • The project reconfigured Westhaven Drive, a primary arterial adjacent the marina in the City’s Mixed Use Tourist Commercial district from a two-way roadway to a oneway function. Total reconstruction of the roadway included new sidewalks, esplanade reconstruction, parking and pedestrian safety modifications, bike lanes, street furniture, intersection bulb outs, and landscaping. Utilities and drainage improvements were made to accommodate the new facilities and to help alleviate reoccurring tidal encroachments and subsequent infrastructure damage.